Why I still love my OUYA (and don’t care they failed pretty miserably)

The OUYA has had a pretty interesting lifecycle, if one could call it that. I won’t go into the sordid details of their rise and fall (that’s a simple Google search away), but I will admit, when they announced they’d been funded on Kickstarter, I was intrigued. A home console, running Android, for a mere […]

Joshua Muñoz

Delusions of grandeur

Alright, here we go… For a really long time, I wanted to be a tech writer. Before that, though, I wanted to be a band director. Like, since I was 14. In my short life, I’ve been able to do both (and currently still am a band director). However, the pang to be a tech […]

Joshua Muñoz

Writing for the right reasons

I’ve avoided writing this for a long time. Even now, as I’ve been on break from school (as a teacher, not a student!), I’ve found ways to avoid it. Idle, busy work, really. Watching TV, surfing the interwebs, there was always something I could find to keep me from getting around to this. This is […]

Joshua Muñoz

An open letter to Google+: I couldn’t have done it without ya.

This post originally appeared on Google+. It can be found here. Bear with me everyone, as this’ll probably come off like a long, confusing jumble of words, but it’s something I really want to say. When there were murmurs of Google launching their own social network, I was pretty excited. I’ve been an avid Google […]

Joshua Muñoz
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